An artist's rendering of the new view from Riverside Ave.

An artist's rendering of the new view from Riverside Ave.

A Six-Story Development at Westport's Worst Intersection

The proposed "Westport Residences," will use several acres of land bordered by Lincoln, Post Road West, and Cross Street to create 81 one- and two- bedroom apartments, with the structure rising to a height of 65+ feet towering over neighboring historic homes. Traffic circulation plans have the development's exit flowing straight onto the Post Rd. just west of the intersection of Post Rd. and Rt. 33, which is already a daily nightmare for Westport residents. The area also includes several elementary schools and daycare centers, where pedestrian safety is a priority. And the plans seem to prioritize profit per square foot over the safety of residents and Westport's first responders. You can read the Fire Marshall's comments here, as well of those of an independent fire consultation who found that the plan creates an "unreasonable risk to occupants and first responders seeking to protect them."

Please help stop this kind of inappropriate, dangerous, and out-of-scale development by signing the petition below—or even better, attending the final P&Z hearing this Thursday, September 27th, at 7pm at Town Hall.

If you attended the September 6th meeting, or watched on video, you witnessed attorney Joel Green and Traffic Consultant David Spears make effective presentations on behalf of Westport Neighbors United LLC, an allied neighborhood group. WNU has also used a consultant on historic districts, Tod Bryant, to bolster its case on the historic significance of Lincoln Street and the surrounding neighborhoods. Taken together, these experts have made a persuasive case that the Cross Street Application to build a 6-story apartment complex is deeply flawed and should not be approved by our P&Z Commission. You can read more about these efforts on their website.

These experts cost money. If you are in a position to support WNU financially, they would greatly appreciate any contribution ($25, $50 or greater) to help sustain their efforts. 

 Please go to our web site ( to make a contribution.


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